Looking to SELL?

We can help you sell your home. Our knowledgeable and friendly agents can provide you with a comparative market analysis to help you determine what your home is worth in today’s market and give you tips that will improve your chances of selling at the highest price in the least amount of time.

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Selling your home starts with a great marketing strategy

Our philosophy of real estate marketing starts with our knowledge of the local marketplace. Our sales associates are local market experts whose purpose is to sell your home to qualified buyers. At Bottone Realty, we provide individualized service and teamwork that includes all the advertising tools to market your home to its full potential.

  • Setting the Right Price
  • Multiple Listing Service
  • Broker Open House
  • Public Open House
  • Social Media Postings
  • Internet postings
  • Mass Mailing of “Just Listed” Postcards
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Tips for Preparing your home to sell

1. Setting the Right Price

An important part of the marketing agenda is establishing the list price. An effective plan of action will be implemented for your home or property that will include a market analysis to establish the “fair market value” for your home.

Our goal is match your listing price with your selling expectations. If a home is priced below its value, you could lose money. If a home is priced above its value, you could lose potential buyers. A home priced right could create a buzz and a bidding war which could drive the selling price up.

      2. Listing the Home in the Multiple Listing Service

The Multiple Listing Service known as the MLS, is an online inventory of all the homes that are for sale, under contract, expired, temporarily off the market, or sold in your area. Thousands of REALTORS in Monmouth and Ocean Counties as well as throughout the state have access to the homes and properties for sale. Listing your home with the MLS means all of these agents are aware that your home is for sale and can bring their respective buyers to see your home.

      3. Broker Open House

We at Bottone Realty are very creative to get the brokers and agents in to see your home. The more real estate associates that see your home the more they will remember it when showing to their buyers. We want the thousands of licensed REALTORS working for you.

      4. Public Open House

Next is the open house for the public. There are many buyers that do not use real estate agents and look for houses on their own. A public open house allows them access to see your home. Sometimes a neighbor will go to the open house and tell their relative about it. The more people through your home that better chance it will sell.

      5. Social Media Postings

Our associates will post and share to social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to create interest in your home. 

      6. Internet Postings

Your listing will appear on REALTOR.com, Zillow, and Trulia which attracts millions of visitors every month.

      7. Mass Mailings of “Just Listed” Postcards

An example of the postcards we send to your neighbors or to whatever area we are targeting to sell your home.

      8. Newspaper Ads

These include ads for the open houses in the Asbury Park Press and Staten Island Advance and other strategic papers.

      9. Tips for Preparing your home to sell

Get Rid of Clutter

Buyers will want to appreciate your home and not be distracted by the knick knacks you have accumulated. Remember, living in a home and selling it are to very different things. Buyers want to imagine their own things in the home, not that vase from your Aunt Sally. You may be moving soon so begin to clear out some of your things. Put as much as you can in storage or better yet give the stuff away or sell it! New home, new life!

Half-empty all of your closets

People are nosy and they are subconsciously (or outwardly) judgmental. They may make a mental note that your messy and cramped closets mean that your home does not have adequate storage or that you have not taken care of larger items in your home.

Lighten and Brighten

Take down all the curtains, open the blinds, make sure your lightbulbs are working and better yet replace them with one with a higher wattage. If you can, paint dark rooms a lighter color. Trim hedges that are blocking windows. Maybe even replace your lampshades with new bright white ones.

Quick Fixes go a long way

Home inspections items may reveal things you need to fix anyway so do these things up front. Re-grout loose tiles, fix broken steps, replace uneven sidewalks, replace missing or broken gutters. Cosmetic things help too. Paint rooms that need painting, replace caulk in bathrooms, paint doors and trim a nice bright white, paint your front door a cheery color. Edge and mulch flower beds and keep lawn trim and neat. Updating the kitchen with a new countertop, backsplash, and by painting cabinets helps as well without spending too much money.

Clean and keep clean

Hire a professional to give the home a deep clean and then keep it that way. Be ready for showings by making the beds and putting clutter and dishes away. The less you have around the easier it is to keep organized and clean. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to minimize the stuff!

Ready to BUY?

Whether you are looking to buy a your very first home, a larger home, a smaller home, a vacation home, vacant land, commercial property, foreclosure, investment property, or a 1031 Exchange, we can help you! We have experience in all of these categories and more! Learn More:

We know a good deal when we see one. With 90 plus years of collective experience, our agents can find you the right home to buy. We are here to inform you of the latest trends in real estate in the area and the history and background information on a home or property you are interested in. We are here every step of the way to consult you and manage the entire process to closing.

Additional Services

Our agents pride themselves on helping you with any of your real estate needs. We are a creative and experienced team that can help you invest in, exchange, rent, sell, and buy real estate. Negotiating a sale price is only the beginning. We pride ourselves on creative financing ideas and ways to close the deal.

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Professional Recommendations:

We can recommend Home Inspectors, Real Estate Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers, Carpenters, Contractors and any professional needed to help with the purchase of your new home or to get your home ready to sell. It is very important to get prequalified by a mortgage broker so you as the purchaser know exactly the budget that will work best for your financial situation. It also saves time and emotions by not investing your time and heart into a home that is out of financial reach.

Home Staging:

We have a team of agents that specialize in staging your home for sale. This can include just giving you a list of items for you to tackle, staging it ourselves, or by hiring a professional Home Stager for larger jobs.

Renovation Ideas:

Some of our agents are qualified to work with you to create floor plans and construction ideas to renovate a home you are purchasing or create plans to show a potential buyer of what they can do to your existing home and approximate costs to do so.

The Bottone Realty Group Way:

Our agency has been successfully servicing the real estate needs of Monmouth and Ocean Counties since 1980. Times have certainly changed but we have grown and changes along with the times keeping our core values intact.

Our tradition of integrity, honesty, and high moral standards has led to the customer satisfaction we are so proud of. Our sales associates offer the best real estate service and support to assist our clients through the buying and selling process with ease. We address all the details before, during, and after a transaction with the individual attention you deserve. We look forward to helping you through the process of selling or buying your home. We strive to make this a pleasant experience.

Thank you from all of us at Bottone Realty Group, Inc.